Introducing mastery of technical implementation workstation oriented.


With many years of experience and Microsoft Windows certifications enable ConsultingIT to assist you on the products such as XPmode and MED-V. When these products are no longer supported by Microsoft, we'll help you make changes to Windows8 (.1), Windows 10


e are changing your Windows XP systems and applications to Windows7 Windows8 or Windows10 in Powershell with MDT by applying security settings via GPO & GPPs. A study of application compatibility validate the proper functioning of the application on the new system (with ACT to avoid changing the code in C# by example and take the APIs and SDK). With Xperf, we improve system performance (time optimization startup, boot usb ...)


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Audit park Implementation Windows8, Windows10, training / Workshops, discovery of new features: Bitlocker, history files, task manager ... 


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Since 1998, we help companies and their customers to grow their projects and applications 7 Windows NT operating systems, XP, Vista, 8 (.1) of Microsoft, and bring us their support they desired. Our CEO was an engineer at Microsoft. You need technical assistance?


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